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        buy stocks internet And it follows the investor who wishes to trade securities through the Internet to be aware that this mechanism significantly and substantially different from the traditional way of authorized financial intermediary to enter purchase orders and sales on behalf of the client, it is through the trading service online investor can stock prices continues in neighborhood as well as other trading information and any information provided by the mediator him through service, The increase in trading activity movement suddenly or even increase the severity of overcrowding on the service provided by the broker for its clients, which may result in increasing the momentum of information that is the mailing through the Internet, which could lead to the possibility of late arrival of information or update the prices of securities on the user’s program, in addition to the role it may play in connecting to the service interruption or failure. Although the investor follows up on securities trading in the neighborhood movement, in addition to going to enter buy and sell special orders by himself without the need to connect with the mediator to mandate this, however, the investor must be aware that the orders entered is first passed to the broker systems to check electronically the adequacy of cash or securities and any other terms of the balance, and then are routed electronically to the electronic trading system in the stock market. So the investor to linger by the referee on the arrival of the matter to the electronic trading system and not to repeat the command input tries so as not to lead to the implementation of the double undesirable purchased or sold quantities, the investor understands and agrees that he is responsible and no one else for any repeat orders entered from through the Internet. Vollmershain, Germany 
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